Milan Malušek

16 years of experience in Marketing and Project Management
I appreciate respect, honesty, enthusiasm, team, discipline and respect.
These are the values of rugby, which I pass on as a coach and referee.

I am always a reliable partner for colleagues, friends, family and children!!

... and I love good coffee - let's have one?



Communication, promotion, re/presentation, branding


Project management in the Czech Republic and abroad


Internet company presentations

Photo & Video

Promo photo and video spots

Marketing, projects, events, communication, IT

... that's what I like to do

What is my experience?

- 10 years in management and projects
- 3 years marketing director
- 2 years marketing and sales manager
- 2 years junior account
- 1 year shop manager - O2
- 3 years salesmen of electronics

And what more about me?
I have studied marketing and business at university, I speak English.
I am qualified as an inspector and auditor.
I am interested in IT, auto / moto, and I like the technology that makes our lifes easier.

... ... and I like to cook for guests, organize meetings, photograph, film, create graphics, sport and learn how to be an even better parent and coach :)


What I can do

Marketing: communication, re/branding, promotion, PR, trade fairs & conferences
Projects: opening of branches abroad, administration and coordination of projects
Management: Ensure smooth running of the company / branche
IT / Telco: CRM, ERP, database, cloud, HW administration
Software: Photoshop, Corel, HTML, MS Office, MAC / Win
Presentation: photo, video spots, WWW design

Experience in details [pdf]

Projects, I´ve managed